Candidate Spotlight

Jonny & Lester

Lester’s journey to personal and professional fulfillment​

Participant Spotlight

Sophie Carpenter

Sophie is loving her role at the Orange Ex-Services Club!

Friends Moving Forward Together​

Nick,. Andrea, Melissa, Kimon Subway

With the help of Omnia Inclusive, long time friends Andrea and Melissa were able to find an employer who would hire them both so they could continue to support each other and build their friendship.

Burleigh Church Teams Up With Omnia Inclusive


When Burleigh Church of Christ wanted to create employment opportunities for those with significant barriers to employment, they reached out to Omnia Inclusive – with great success!

Joanna is on her way!

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Despite struggling with learning difficulties Joanna has found a supportive workplace that accepts her limitations, nurtures her growth, and treats her like part of the family.

Hayden’s Path to Independence

Hayden Grat Carolyn Sherrin 3

With specialised support from the team at Omnia Inclusive, Hayden is making strides toward his goal of gaining employment.