Friends Moving Forward Together

With the help of Omnia Inclusive, long time friends Andrea and Melissa were able to find an employer who would hire them both so they could continue to support each other and build their friendship.

When long time friends Andrea and Melissa joined Omnia Inclusive and met with their Inclusive Career Consultant, they indicated that they’d like to be placed in a job where they could both work together. The women had bonded at their previous place of work and were keen to continue working alongside each other at their next role.

Andrea and Melissa, both diagnosed with epilepsy, had met in their previous role at a fast food outlet and become fast friends. They had been supporting each other through their employment journey and were keen to stay together in the next phase of their lives.

It was an unusual request, but Omnia Inclusive were up for the challenge! Their Career Consultant mentored both women, helping to build their positivity and confidence. Their Career Consultant also worked with them on their resumes, helped to build their interview skills and eventually connected them with Tina, an employer who was looking for employees for her Subway restaurant in Parkwood.

Omnia Inclusive presented both Andrea and Melissa to Tina the employer and explained they wanted to work together. They were both hired a few months apart, as Tina was looking to increase inclusivity in her workforce.

“We are so happy to have Andrea and Melissa working here, they are reliable, loyal, willing to learn and a pleasure to have around” - Tina

Andrea and Melissa have been at the Parkwood Subway now for over a year and they are thriving. Their personalities and confidence have grown, their customers service skills have flourished and they show a strong loyalty to Tina and the store. Both women are taking on more and more responsibilities within the store as they gain more experience and their friendship has only become stronger over time.

“We are so happy to work here at Subway, we love our job and we love working together. Thank you to Omnia Inclusive for helping us find our job and for all the support you’ve given us, and thank you to Tina for allowing us to work here” - Melissa

Kimon, Omnia Inclusive Workplace Consultant, has continued to provide mentoring for Andrea and Melissa throughout their time at Subway, he is always available if they have any questions, or need help with any internal training.  

Having Kimon as an anchor has helped Andrea and Melissa feel more confident in their role and helps them to excel not only at their jobs but in their lives in general.
If you’re looking for an inclusive employment specialist who will take the time to understand your unique personal circumstances, contact Omnia Inclusive today. Our workplace consultants understand that everyone has a different employment journey. Our staff will help you find the ideal employment solution, no matter your story.

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Friends Moving Forward Together​

With the help of Omnia Inclusive, long time friends Andrea and Melissa were able to find an employer...
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