Hayden's Pathway to Independence

Meet Hayden

With specialised support from the team at Omnia Inclusive, Hayden is making strides toward his goal of gaining employment.

When Hayden first came to Omnia he was incredibly shy and reserved. His struggles with Autism, intellectual disability and ADHD had impacted his confidence and he was struggling to find his way. He met with Carolyn at Omnia Inclusive Wynnum and she was able to help him map out a path forward.

“Omnia Inclusive are here to help me get to my goals of working with cars, study and achieving more independence”

Despite not yet having a driver’s license, cars are Hayden’s biggest passion and ultimately his goal is to work with vehicles. He is deeply committed to getting his driver’s license and has already bought his own car ready for when he can drive it. In the meantime, Hayden is zipping around town on his amazing scooter.

Without the scooter, Hayden’s biggest obstacle to independence was his lack of transport, which limited not only his personal freedom, but also his ability to access assistance via support services. His scooter has been very valuable in expanding his ability to access help and has helped him achieve a little more independence which has been a wonderfully empowering experience for him.

During the 12 months that Hayden has been working with Carolyn at Omnia, she has seen his confidence blossom.

“One step at a time Hayden is getting closer and closer to his employment goals. We’ve been marketing to employers in line with Haydens’ goal of working with cars and have been able to provide access to training courses that will help him develop his skills” - Carolyn

Carolyn has been impressed with Hayden’s tenacity and notes that he always brings his list of goals and employment opportunities to every appointment.


Carolyn and the rest of the team at Omnia have been able to link Hayden into study and work experience in the local area to increase his employment based skills in cars and mechanics.

“Thank you to Carolyn and Trudy from Omnia Inclusive at Wynnum, they help me stay on track and build my confidence”

Hayden’s story shows us that the journey to finding employment can be just as valuable as the end goal, and even when it feels like you’re not finding a job quickly enough, there so much value in what you learn and achieve along the way.

If you’re looking for an inclusive employment service with a team who can understand your unique situation contact Omnia today. Our compassionate team members provide dedicated job search support and job seeker programs that will help you reach your employment goals, no matter your personal situation.

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