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We love seeing our candidates and business partners achieving amazing things together. These articles and videos feature just some of their inspirational and life-changing journeys.

employment for people with disabilities

An Employer's Perspective

How House Made Hospitality put inclusion on the menu
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Nick,. Andrea, Melissa, Kimon Subway

Friends Moving Forward Together​

With the help of Omnia Inclusive, long time friends Andrea and Melissa were able to find an employer...
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Burleigh Church Teams Up With Omnia Inclusive

When Burleigh Church of Christ wanted to create employment opportunities for those with significant barriers...
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Joanna is on her way!

Despite struggling with learning difficulties Joanna has found a supportive workplace that accepts her...
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Hayden Grat Carolyn Sherrin 3

Hayden's Path to Independence

With specialised support from the team at Omnia Inclusive, Hayden is making strides toward his goal of...
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Michelle Chloe

Chloe Finds a New Path

With specialised support from Omnia Inclusive, Chloe was able to gain the skills required to set herself...
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employment for people with disabilities

Renee's flame burns bright

Renee knows all about life’s ups and downs. But despite major mental health challenges, one thing that’s...
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employment for people with disabilities

Making his Mark at Vinnies

In mid-2022, Mark Subotic decided he wanted to be more social. He wanted to learn new skills. He wanted...
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omnia employment for people with disabilities

Josh rolls into tourism

Most days you’ll find Joshua Rixon helping guests and zipping around Main Beach Tourist Park on his beloved...
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employment for people with disabilities

Darren, the 'House Made' hero

Darren Man has a reputation for being a bit of a joker. But when it comes to working for one of Sydney’s...
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employment for people with disabilities

Damon, the $2 million teenager

18 months ago, Damon was juggling a serious mental health condition with the ever-present threat of homelessness...
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