Supporting you from school to independence.

Our Youth NDIS Services support school leavers & young adults to develop essential employment, social, and independence skills.
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Youth NDIS Supports

As a registered NDIS provider, we bring over 20 years of expertise to support school leavers and young adults in developing essential employment, social, and independence skills.


We tailor our services, combining group sessions with personalised one-on-one support, to ensure every participant can reach their individual goals with confidence.

We can also help students and families with their NDIS access to help make the transition from school easier.

The support, training and skills you need
to reach for the future you want.
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Why choose Omnia Inclusive?

We are one of Australia’s most trusted Youth NDIS providers. Over the past two decades hundreds of young people living with disability have been successfully supported by our programs. Guided by our three key points of difference, below, our mission is to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to live, socialise and work more independently.


Inspired Innovation

Learning should always be fun and relevant to the real world! Some of our recent innovations include Omnia Fresh Food mini-supermarkets & the Lettuce Eat pop-up restaurant.

Tailored Support

We see you. We hear you. We care about you as an individual. Working together we will create a program that best suits your personal situation, needs and goals for the future.


Path to Employment

We don’t just do NDIS. We are also a fully registered DES provider, so when you are ready for the workforce, we are here to support you to find the role that you love, and then thrive in it!

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School Leaver Employment Supports

Your employment journey starts…now! Our popular SLES services are all about preparing you for the workforce with the skills and experience you need to gain long-term meaningful employment. During a friendly and fully supported two-year program, you will get to explore a wide range of potential career options and gain valuable training and work experience in your industry of choice. We will also assist you with gaining relevant qualifications, including formal study as required.

Your 4-step SLES journey

employment for people with disabilities

Build the skills

Building your career starts by building your skills. Each week we provide you with opportunities to learn practical new workplace skills in the areas that interest you.

  • Time Management
  • Writing resumes & cover letters
  • Budgeting and money
  • Dressing for the workplace
  • Working in a team
  • Effective communication
  • Travel independence
  • In-house, hands-on training
  • Workplace behaviour
  • Goal setting & presentation skills.
ndis school leaver employment supports

Get the qualifications

Extra qualifications can really increase your employability. We offer a wide range of formal courses and programs to support you in your employment journey.

Some of these are provided in-house with guest presenters, whilst others are arranged through our external training partners.

  • Hospitality
  • Business Administration
  • First aid
  • Barista
  • Computer & IT training.
school leaver employment supports

Secure work experience

Work experience is a great idea! We will partner with you to identify a variety of real-world placement opportunities in your industry of choice, so you get to experience different roles and responsibilities before you officially enter the workforce.

  • Individualised placements
  • 1 day a week for 6 weeks, or any scenario that suits
  • Multiple work experience placements each year.
  • Fully supported by your Youth Consultant to maximise the opportunity
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Get the job

Congratulations! You have completed your SLES training and are ready to take the next step in your employment journey. 


Now it is time to move into our Disability Employment Services (DES) program where we will continue to support you to find, and then maintain, your dream career.

Let’s make Work Placement work for you!​

  • Real-world workplace experiences to help you find your ideal career
  • Try a range of roles suited to your skills and interests
  • Placements are normally for 1 day per week for 6 weeks
  • Up to 3 different work experience placements each year
  • Responsibilities are pre-agreed based on your skills and workplace needs.

Social Skills

New friends, new confidence

Being social isn’t always easy. But it’s such a great skill to have!

Our programs support you to be more comfortable in social situations, providing safe and creative opportunities to try new activities and make meaningful friendships and connections. Enjoy fun days out in fully-supervised group social activities with other young people just like you. To keep things interesting, we’re adding new programs all the time, too. Who knows what will be next?

Program examples:
  • Group social activities – museum visits, laser tag, bowling, movies, swimming
  • Interest group activities – art, music, gaming, fitness, Auslan
australian employment and training solutions
89% feel more confident after participating in our social programs.
ndis school leaver employment supports
93% of participants feel more independent in their lives

Independence Skills

Live your life, your way

Being more independent can really fuel your future! Food preparation and cooking. Communication and working with others. Budgeting and money handling. You can choose from a wide range of practical activities and innovative training programs, each tailored to grow your skills so you can live with greater independence for years to come. It’s all about partnering so you can confidently achieve your goals in life, your way.

Program examples:

  • Travel training for using public transport
  • Reading recipes, shopping for ingredients and cooking
  • Getting your Learner Drivers licence
  • Budgeting and other skills to live more independently.
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Let us help you navigate the journey

Yes, the NDIS can be complicated. But we know the way! We will work with you and your family to develop a personal NDIS plan, and then review it each year so you keep you on the right path. Starting your NDIS journey involves a planning meeting with your local NDIS representative. This is your opportunity to have a detailed discussion about your current situation and supports. We will help you prepare for this important meeting and the different steps you will need to follow.

employment for people with disabilities


The first step is to prepare for your meeting with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator and start building your personal NDIS plan.

employment for people with disabilities


We will support you before, during and after your NDIS meeting to ensure your approved NDIS plan meets your personal goals and needs.

employment for people with disabilities


Together we will put your approved NDIS plan into action, making sure you have everything you need to get started on your NDIS journey, and succeed in it!

Join us for a FREE sample day.

Come and experience a typical day in the life of an Omnia Inclusive NDIS participant!

Try out the program, meet our team and other NDIS participants, and see if we’re the right fit for what you’re after.

Additional programs near you

Whether you’re looking for ongoing regular support or you just want a short term program we can tailor our support to suit your individual needs.
In additional to our regular Employment, Social and Independence days we also offer a range of shorter programs at each of our local offices.

Our results speak for themselves

Every day we provide NDIS support to hundreds of young people in communities across Australia. The results continue to speak for themselves.


feel more confident about getting a job


are more confident in social situations


have gained more independence


say the support has improved their overall confidence

25 schools

participated in our Omnia Fresh Food training initiative in 2022

SOURCE: Omnia Inclusive Customer Survey, 2022

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