Burleigh Church Teams Up With Omnia Inclusive to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

When Burleigh Church of Christ wanted to create employment opportunities for those with significant barriers to employment, they reached out to Omnia Inclusive – with great success!

Burleigh Church of Christ are a community organisation with a Cafe, Op-Shop and food hamper distribution service that runs alongside their church. With such a strong focus on community involvement it was important to them to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. In particular they wanted to assist people with disabilities, who often have significant barriers in finding employment, so when it was time to recruit they reached out to Omnia Inclusive for support.

Ann Donnelly-Marshall, Burleigh Church of Christ manager, reached out to Omnia Inclusive and was teamed up with Omnia Inclusive workplace consultant Michelle who was able to help facilitate the onboarding process of multiple staff members over the course of a year.

“Working with Burleigh Church of Christ has been a really rewarding experience, we have all learned so much about diversity and inclusivity for those that have significant barriers to employment and it has been wonderful helping to make their employment journey a success” - Michelle

Being an inclusive employment service is about more than just linking up candidates with employers; it also requires working closely with employers to ensure a safe workplace. Michelle supported the team at Burleigh Church of Christ with communication skills, workplace modifications and ongoing mentorship to ensure a smooth transition for the candidates who were onboarded.

To date, Burleigh Church of Christ have taken on 4 paid employees as well as an unpaid volunteer.

The employees have had a range of barriers to employment including Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome and Autism. For some of the candidates it was the first time they had entered the workforce and there were many skills to be learned along the way. By working together, Burleigh Church of Christ and Omnia Inclusive were able to create a safe and welcoming environment that allowed the candidates to thrive.

“We are so happy to see the candidates from Omnia Inclusive thriving in the workplace. They have provided invaluable support to our staff through all stages of the journey. We look forward to Michelle’s frequent visits and with her support we’ve been able to overcome obstacles and find solutions to any issues that arise” - Ann

If you are looking for advice or support in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce for your business or would like to welcome people with barriers to employment into your workforce contact Omnia Inclusive today.

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