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Employment. For All.

Opportunities. For You.

We care deeply about those we support, including the growth and wellbeing of our own people.

Each and every member of the Omnia Inclusive team has a valuable contribution to make. We are passionate in fostering this culture through a workplace environment built on optimism, teamwork, compassion and personal empowerment.

Join us for opportunities to advance your career, develop new skills, work with inspiring people and drive positive social changes that last for years, and generations, to come.

Why Omnia Inclusive?

More than just a job. More than just a career.

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There are so many wonderful reasons to join our passionate and talented team.

  • Make a lasting social difference by promoting a more inclusive Australia
  • Change lives every day by supporting people living with disability and other diverse characteristics
  • Create achievable pathways that lead to meaningful, long-term employment
  • Share in the success of candidates as they grow in confidence in their work and personal lives
  • Be part of a team that genuinely values your mental health, wellbeing and physical safety
  • Receive ongoing opportunities to learn, grow and advance your career
  • Thrive in an inclusive culture guided by strong and positive leadership
  • Choose from flexible roles in locally-based teams across NSW, QLD and the ACT.

Growing your skills. Forging your career.

Whatever your role or location, we want to empower you to be your very best self each and every day. Guided by our three pillars of learning, we will actively provide the opportunities and support to help you succeed in your role, develop your skills and enjoy the journey along the way. It’s all about continuous self-improvement and positive career progression.

Three pillars of learning

employment for people with disabilities

Programmes & Resources

Gaining new skills through internal programs, external study, relevant external programmes and courses.
employment for people with disabilities

Professional Support

Coaching, mentoring, formal and informal feedback, professional networks and structured performance development.

employment for people with disabilities

Inclusive Employers

Actively taking on challenging projects in your current role, acting in other roles and sharing your expertise with others.

Want even more benefits?

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Workplace Wellbeing

Your wellbeing matters to us, at work and at home. As a member of the Omnia Inclusive team, you will enjoy free and ongoing access to ‘Uprise’ – a confidential Employee Assistance Program that offers a range of practical wellbeing support and counselling services for all parts of your life. You have the option of face-to-face, chat or in-app support, whenever required.

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Professional Coaching

Ongoing coaching is a big part of what we do. You will have access to regular one-on-one coaching sessions with your direct manager to help you develop your skills, manage any issues and grow in your role. Each session provides the opportunity for open conversations, practical feedback and assistance to help you reach your career goals and targets.

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Role Flexibility

Diversity and flexibility go hand in hand. We bring an open mind to all roles and do whatever we can to structure your responsibilities and working hours around the other important parts of your life. We offer a number of part-time and shared roles. Work-From-Home opportunities are also possible, however are generally limited to non-customer facing roles.

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One Team. Many Roles

We are proud to be an inclusive business. Our diverse team is made up of many different roles, personalities, experience levels and skillsets. If you believe in the power of inclusivity and are looking to make a real difference, chances are you’ll find a role that’s perfect for you.

Diversity Recruitment

We believe everyone has the right to meaningful, long-term employment. To achieve this mission, we have dedicated teams of inclusive employment specialists working with candidates and employers across Australia every day.

  • Management roles are available at a regional, area and local office level
  • Lead the Omnia Inclusive business and act as a brand ambassador
  • Oversee multiple teams with support from Area Managers, Team Leaders and other partners
  • Ensure all team members have the skills, focus and confidence to perform their roles
  • Ensure consistently high standards for all programs in your area
  • Drive positive collaboration with local employers, community partners and other stakeholders
  • Oversee all aspects of people management, service delivery and compliance.
  • Help to maintain our position as the foremost inclusive employment partner in your region.
Business Relationship Consultants
  • Proactively build employer, industry and community relationships in your region
  • Identify opportunities for successful employment and work experience placements
  • Understand the resourcing needs of local employers and grow their appreciation of the benefits of diversity.
Customer Experience, Career & Workplace Consultants
  • Oversee the end-to-end service delivery to our candidates and deliver exceptional customer experiences based on our core values
  • Providing a welcoming first point of contact for potential candidates and identify their broad needs
  • Support candidates as they prepare for future employment
  • Identify individual skills and requirements to help match candidates to suitable roles
  • Work closely with all stakeholders to identify and implement future career pathways
  • Assist employers to provide supportive work environments.
  • Support candidates to gain (and maintain) meaningful long-term employment
  • Provide ongoing workplace support for candidates in their role
  • Work proactively with employers to maximise the success of their candidate(s)
  • Identify and develop future employment opportunities with employer partners.

Youth Diversity Services

We are passionate advocates for youth diversity and opportunity. Our team includes many roles supporting school leavers and young adults living with a disability, as they make the transition into post-school life.

Community Engagement Managers
  • Raise the profile and reputation of Omnia Inclusive with community partners, schools and families
  • Increase referral rates and successfully build our partner network
  • Generate strategies to access new growth opportunities and maximising existing ones
  • Use market research and analysis to better understand the needs of our customers.
Youth Program Coordinators
  • Oversee all group training and programs provided in your area
  • Maintain positive and collaborative relationships with families and other key stakeholders.
Youth & Support Consultants
  • Develop the skills of participants to ensure progress towards their career and life goals
  • Identify opportunities for relevant work placements and meaningful long-term employment
  • Provide individualised workplace support and ongoing employer liaison to maximise success
  • Remove employment barriers by recommending appropriate intervention strategies (or referring candidates to appropriate service providers).
  • Provide end-to-end support for participants in preparation for employment
  • Tailor life skills development and training programs aligned with individualised employment, social and independence goals
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