Organisations with a shared vision working together to create lasting change

Carers Link and Omnia Inclusive’s shared values have created a powerful partnership that is leading diversity and inclusivity change across South Brisbane.

Omnia Inclusive’s South Brisbane Area Operations Manager, Trudy, is deeply passionate about the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, so it was no surprise that she and the team at Carers Link hit it off so well.

Trudy first met Cassy – Carers Link Office Manager – 9 years ago, and they immediately bonded over their shared passion for working with people with disabilities. Over the years, Trudy and Cassie have built a powerful partnership, working together to link NDIS recipients into Disability employment supports (and vice versa!).

Carers Link refer candidates to Omnia Inclusive for personalised employment support, and Omnia Inclusive refer candidates to Carers Link to receive NDIS assistance and support, so between the two organisations candidates are able to receive multi directional assistance that meets them where they are and takes them where they want to go.

“It feels like Carers Link and Omnia Inclusive are an extension of each other, our partnership really supports candidates in a holistic way” - Trudy

Together, Trudy and Cassie – and their teams – are committed to building a strong community network of supports that ensure a person-centred approach to candidate supports. Through their network, candidates have access to disability, social and professional supports that can assist in all aspects of their lives.

“It’s not just about supporting a person’s disability, it’s about assisting and supporting in creating opportunities for a person in life, so they can thrive in all areas” - Cassy

As Carers Link has grown so has its team and recently Trudy has begun working with Assistant Office Manager Hayley on building partnerships within the Wynnum community. Together, Trudy and Hayley are focusing on creating work experience and voluntary work opportunities for NDIS recipients who haven’t yet had access to work opportunities and don’t have work experience on their resumes.

“Providing work experience and voluntary work opportunities for those without work experience is extremely valuable for the candidate. Candidates learn transferrable skills that can be added to their resume, they build professional relationships, make friends, build confidence, and meet people who can provide professional references for future work opportunities” - Trudy

The teams at Carers Link and Omnia Inclusive are proud of the impact that their partnership has had on the local community and they are so excited to continue their work together so that inclusivity in the workplace can become the norm, not the exception.


If you are looking for employment support from a team that truly understand the challenges you face in finding work, and who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get the support you need contact Omnia Inclusive today.

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Organisations with a shared vision working together to create lasting change

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