Michael Discovers a Talent and Sets Out on a New Career Path

When the team at Omnia Inclusive first met with Michael, he was in his final term of school and hadn’t had any prior employment experience. Michael lives with a disability and wanted to approach his job search a little differently. Michael decided to seek support from Omnia Inclusive’s Youth NDIS Services to build his employment skills and help him navigate his transition from school to the workforce. Initially, he chose to receive support for one day a week, but as time went on, he increased his attendance to several days a week.

To assist Michael with his goal of employment, he has developed his employment skills through group workshops and tailored individual support that focused on his personal interests and goals. The team have also linked Michael with an inclusive employer who was able to offer him a fantastic work experience opportunity. Along with his goal of gaining employment, Michael is being assisted to work towards living more independently by developing his cooking skills and travelling independently on public transport.

Michael identified an initial interest in hospitality, and after liaising with the Omnia Inclusive team, the manager at the Coffee Club in Woden offered him a 6 week work experience role. Michael was apprehensive at first, but with support from Omnia Inclusive he quickly found his feet. Violet attended shifts alongside him to help him ease into the new environment and to assist him with any challenges that presented during the day. Over time Michael’s confidence began to grow.

“It’s so inspiring to see as Michael has pushed himself and gone out of his comfort zone. Michael started out quite anxious about the whole experience, but now walks in with confidence and takes on new tasks every single time he is here.” - Violet

Over time, Michael needed Violet less and less and after the first week he was flourishing in the role. His confidence improved, he took on new tasks with ease, and he formed a great relationship with his manager and the other staff members at the store.

“Michael is keen to learn new skills in all areas, his attitude is always polite. During his work training, I can see his improvement, he’s getting involved with the team members and he is very capable in helping others when needed” - Michael’s Manager at the Coffee Club.

When asked about his experience Michael offered a giant smile and said “This has started to become easy! I’m now really enjoying making coffees.”


By the time Michael had completed his 6 weeks at the Coffee Club he had found a passion for working in hospitality and he is now extremely motivated to start a career in the industry. Thrilled to hear it, Violet enrolled him in a fully funded, RTO Hospitality Certificate II course which is being delivered from the Omnia Inclusive office.


Michael has thrown himself into the course and is so excited to get his certificate so he can officially begin his career in the hospitality industry.


Michael’s story illustrates how important community connections are to placements for people living with disabilities. Thanks to Omnia Inclusive’s connections at the Coffee Club in Woden, Michael was able to learn some valuable skills in a safe, warm and welcoming environment, and with Violet by his side he was able to do so with a safety net in place for whenever he needed it – and the results were life changing.

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