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qq byrnes
October 5, 2022

Please read to the end, it is very important. I have only been with Cowra's Omnia for a few months, Jayne is the lady handling my case. I am not a person who like or be bothered with the Idea of private companies who parade as employment finders, with special needs or not. I have had a few dealings over the years, and have always walked away disgusted, feeling alienated and realizing that these are nothing more than parasites conning tax payer dollars, during these times I was treated by these companies with complete contempt. and they never ever ever found me employment. I have always been more than capable of doing that myself. In fact every position I have ever gone for, I walked away with the job, no waiting, no "we still have more people to interview. I got everyone of those jobs on my own merit. In saying that since my health ( both physically and especially mentally) has declined, I have basically thought my working life over, and simply wanted to be put on the scrap heap, I moved to Cowra from Cairns in Nth to become a caretaker in the rail heritage centre here. I do a few hours a week to cover my home and power. Jayne, is one of your most wonderful assets. I went in being a little uncooperative, because I hater being in the system and being vulnerable. Jayne was nothing but a complete and settling professional. We went through my needs, wishes, dream for the future. Not only is Jayne extremely helpful, she is also an amazing lady. I could nearly write a novel of how this lady has changed my attitude, settled ma lot of my anxiety regarding going back into the work force all on her own back. I have an exemption form Centrelink obligations, however, Jayne and our conversations, I have encouraged her to find me suitable part time work. I give Omnia and Jayne 5 full stars.

Scott Pollard
August 7, 2018

Great, knowledgeable service! Proving to be far better than others I've been to in the past..!

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