If you’re looking for work and living with disability, an illness, injury or health condition, including depression and anxiety, we can help you.

Get access to the job search support you need.

The team at Omnia Inclusive can help assess if you are eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES). There are many conditions that are supported through DES, if you are unsure you can review just some of the disabilities, health conditions and injuries we can support here.

The friendly team at Omnia-Inclusive work with you to:

  • Build confidence and motivation to start (or continue) with your job search
  • Get the training and qualifications you need
  • Connect with local employers who understand your needs
  • Help to find and apply for jobs in your local community

Let’s get started!

Register your interest and our local team will reach out and discuss with you how we can support you and answer any questions that you have about Disability Employment Services (DES).

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Disability Employment Services is a Government employment program for people with disability, illness or injury

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Whether you are looking for NDIS support, DES solutions or assistance in building a more inclusive workplace for your business, we’d love to hear from you. We have a service and location to support you.

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