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Inclusion. For All.

Omnia Inclusive has been working alongside Australian businesses for more than 30 years. In this time, we’ve been constantly refining and enhancing our services – an approach that’s seen us become true specialists in workplace inclusion.

We understand your business’ desire to expand your approach to diversity and inclusion. To help you get there, we’ll provide you with a realistic pathway to achieve your strategic aspirations.

We work with you, at your pace. We also recognise every organisation is unique, just like every individual. This means every pathway to inclusion and belonging is different. We’ll help you shape what ‘best practice’ looks like for you, based on the specific needs of your business.

The benefits of this process are far-reaching. By building your team’s levels of understanding, awareness and competency, you can move from being ‘unconsciously exclusive’ to ‘unconsciously inclusive’. Inclusion will become ingrained into ‘business as usual’. Everyone will benefit.

Our consulting services include:

Diagnostic tools

Our Inclusive Workplace Framework (IWF) will support organisations in turning good intention into practical inclusion.


Whether it is for leaders or staff, our bespoke training programmes – physical and digital - support your organisation’s inclusion goals.

Professional services

We stay with you as you progress through your journey of inclusive workplace creation.
We help businesses turn good intentions into practical inclusion.