Why Omnia Inclusive? | Omnia Inclusive

Why Omnia Inclusive?

Changing Workplaces. Changing Lives.

We believe belonging is a birthright. Every single person is valuable and deserves opportunity.

About us.

Each day, we help people living with disability and diverse characteristics gain meaningful, long-term employment. We support youth and school leavers to achieve greater social, independence and employment skills. We partner with businesses striving to be more inclusive in their recruitment, workplace and operational practices.

We are a:

  • For-purpose.
  • Nationally accredited.
  • Disability Employment Partner.
  • Youth NDIS provider.
  • Recruitment specialist.
  • Inclusive employment consultancy.

At Omnia Inclusive, we create inclusive employment opportunities and solutions for all. For over 30 years, we have successfully supported workplace diversity and inclusion, partnering with businesses to recruit over 25,000 valuable team members into the Australian workforce.


We believe in communities where all people can achieve their potential.


We create social and community change using the powerful lever of employment.



We treat people equally, we encourage, show respect, and offer opportunity, to all.


We strive for excellence by surpassing our own standards and expectations.


We accept people for who they are, for their lived experiences and for their points of view, especially when they are different to our own.


We are accountable, responsible and truthful, and our actions are consistently honourable.


We pledge to always work towards fulfilling our promise to each other, our participants, candidates, clients, and business partners.

Our History and Heritage.

The origins of Omnia Inclusive stretch back more than three decades. Over the years, we have grown our footprint, expanded our services and merged with like-minded organisations – placing over 25,000 valuable team members into the workforce along the way. While our name has changed several times, the essence of who we are and what we do remains the same. The heart and soul of our organisation has also remained: creating meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for all.