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Employment Opportunities in Wagga Wagga

July 2, 2021

A number of industries in Wagga are working alongside Job Centre Australia in offering employment opportunities for our candidates.

Did you catch the story in Wagga’s Daily Advertiser on which industries are looking to hire locals into long-term, meaningful employment?

Our hard-working candidate, Emma, a Hospitality Assistant at Wagga’s Uneke Lounge, is a shining example of just what can be accomplished!

Job Centre Australia is eager to secure more candidates like Emma, to meet the high demand of employer partners looking to hire locals into long-term roles. Of the multiple current Wagga job vacancies, 45% are in Hospitality, 20% in Support Work, 20% in Cleaning, 10% in Agri-Sales plus we have roles in Retail, Transport, Administration and Trades.

Even if candidates don’t feel they have the right skills – Job Centre Australia can help each individual to build on their skills, capacity, health and wellbeing, and employability. We bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers through our existing strong partnerships with local Registered Training Organisations (such as TAFE), vocational institutes, allied health professionals and other organisations.

Emma says her career, along with ongoing support from Job Centre Australia and Uneke, have dramatically helped improve her skills and confidence, decreased her anxiety levels, and enabled her to live a fulfilling and independent lifestyle. In turn, Uneke Lounge have gained a valuable, dedicated, hard-working employee.

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For a full list of Job Centre Australia’s job vacancies, visit our Jobs Board

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