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Employment Consultant Trainer, Southport

August 29, 2021

Michelle Employment Consultant Trainer -Southport office

Michelle, who is based in Southport can assist jobseekers with skills and strategies that overcome barriers to employment.

Hi, I’m Michelle, an Employment Consultant Trainer at Job Centre Australia in Southport. I’ve been at JCAL for seven years.

After working in disability employment services for years, I started with JCAL in 2014 as a Marketing Consultant, and later felt drawn to assisting candidates into employment and working alongside them to help them achieve their long-term career goals.

My role involves identifying the candidates’ skills and aspirations, the business workplace requirements, and any challenges that they may face.

I tailor effective support programs, assist in accessing workplace modifications and special equipment, and provide support to assist with workplace transition and changes – building positive workplace relationships and long-term meaningful careers.

What I love most about my job is achieving a positive and happy result for our customers and seeing the difference I can make to people’s lives and workplaces. My favourite motivational quote is “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

To be successful in my role I believe you need empathy, understanding, passion, resilience and motivation. It’s also important to be adaptable, a curious listener, and a natural relationship builder.

This year my team and I will continue to maintain face-to-face support for both our candidates and employers in the workplace, as well as offering over the phone and/or virtual support – something that really sets us apart from other employment partners, particularly in the Disability space.

In Southport? I’d love to meet you! Drop into our office any time, for all your inclusive employment needs.

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