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Job Centre Australia rebrands to Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions

March 8, 2022

New business consultancy and broader partner strategy to fill crucial industry gap

Tuesday 8 March 2022: Diversity and inclusion workplace specialist, Job Centre Australia, today announced its official transformation into Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions. With a strengthened commitment to ‘changing the workplace to change lives’, Omnia Inclusive introduces a new business consultancy and a broader employer partner strategy – filling an important industry gap.

In 30 years, the organisation now known as Omnia Inclusive has placed over 25,000 people living with a disability into meaningful, long-term careers, partnered with hundreds of businesses, and supported youth to gain vital social, independence and employment skills. 

This next chapter of Omnia (meaning ‘all’) Inclusive will see the introduction of a new business consultancy. The Inclusive Workplace Framework (IWF) will assist businesses with integrating more supportive and inclusive workforces, by providing unique pathways to achieve their individual goals. 

The IWF offers a solution for organisations that may be looking to increase their diversity and inclusion practices, but are struggling to implement a strategy. Now, employers who recognise the power of inclusive employment for creating social and community change can gain the tools and support to ensure inclusion is truly ingrained into their “business as usual.”

Omnia Inclusive is proud to offer ongoing support, training and employment opportunities to assist its customers with fulfilling their personal career aspirations. Through partnering with a broader audience of large, medium and small businesses, there are now increased opportunities for career development, empowerment and independence of individuals – in all their diversity.

Deborrah Lambourne, CEO of Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions said: “With our transition to Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions, it was important for us to close the gap for businesses wanting to turn their good intentions into practical inclusion, but unsure how to implement it.

“We are extremely proud to launch this new chapter, empowering employers with the tools and support required to create a workforce that is ‘unconsciously inclusive’ and truly reflective of their community. 

“Our new name,‘Omnia’, reflects the importance and value we place on all individuals – and this includes everyone’s right to access meaningful, long-term careers.

“Through extending our support to a wider audience of businesses, we are able to offer employment, training and life skill opportunities to even more candidates, working towards fostering true inclusion and belonging for all.”

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