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A new era of workplace inclusion.

March 15, 2022


Omnia Fresh Food

Australia’s very first ‘Omnia Fresh Food’ mini-supermarket is officially open. The visionary new educational facility is located in Gosford, and is the result of a life-changing youth workplace training partnership between Woolworths, Fujitsu and Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions.

Training for All. Opportunity for All.

Omnia Fresh Food represents a world-leading concept in inclusive workplace training. It empowers young jobs seekers with disabilities and other diverse characteristics, helping candidates gain valuable and highly-transferable workforce skills through hands-on learning experiences in safe and realistic retail settings.

Real-world experience. Real-world skills.

Based within the Gosford offices of Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions, Omnia Fresh Food replicates virtually all aspects of an actual Woolworths supermarket. Right down to baskets for fresh food, shelving for groceries, ticketing and signage and even Woolworths staff uniforms. At the checkout, grocery items are even scanned using fully operational Fujitsu registers!

Meaningful, long-term benefits.

In a friendly and supportive environment, the Omnia Fresh Food program is designed to help candidates learn important new skills in areas such as customer service, money handling and organisation. Collectively, the training directly contributes to greater literacy, numeracy, confidence and, ultimately, long-term employability. For all.

Planning is already underway to create more mini-supermarkets across Australia, so watch this (inclusive training) space!

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A new era of workplace inclusion.

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